With Linx Paperless Starts, PES provides a comprehensive, secure, and fully paperless payroll start paperwork solution for our clients. Secure online distribution, collection, and e-signatures eliminate the paper chase for employee start forms, dramatically improves crew turnaround time on start documents, and allows them to complete—and digitally sign—their forms from the convenience of their smart phones or other mobile devices.

Production or Accounting teams can manage the entire process from the convenience of their own office with a full suite of customizable configuration tools and the ability to track status of outstanding start forms at a glance, with the help of a user-friendly dashboard. Linx Paperless Starts provides security and accountability.

Customizable templates can include:

  • Start paperwork (W-4, I-9 and W-9 forms)
  • Client-specific forms (Deal Memos, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Anti-Harassment forms, etc.)
  • Distribution of Employee Manuals or other special documents requiring a signature acknowledgment)

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