PES understands the workflow needs of Reality TV Production. We have intimate knowledge of the pain points in the overall time card workflow process of this underserved segment of the industry. PES has created the PES Linx Reality Hours-to-Gross (Linx) system which is the only global workflow management solution tailored specifically for Reality TV production. Our scalable solution for time card collection, calculation and management provides very powerful tools for an unlimited number of concurrent projects. Linx offers true pain management for Reality TV productions.

Linx makes it possible for employees and production crews to enter their hours worked remotely from anywhere in the world. Producers and Production Accountants can view time cards entered at any point in the payroll process from the comfort of their production office and approve or make changes as needed.

Allocating overhead costs across multiple projects is a time consuming process. Linx makes it simple to allocate, review the audit trail and archive. Linx integrates with our mydaEs production accounting package or with any other accounting package.

Finally, the Linx system eliminates the need for paper time cards, faxes, or Federal Express packages. Linx will save you time and money and it serves as a significant component to the PES Green Initiative. Linx makes digital timecard storage and retrieval a reality.

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