Since 1994, PES Payroll has distinguished itself from the competition by focusing on the needs of our clients and providing them with exceptional customer service.

PES Payroll is now the leader in innovative solutions to eliminate payroll-related headaches. We conform to our clients’ needs instead of making our clients conform to ours. Our success is based on identifying the pain points of the clients we serve and configuring our integrated software systems to relieve that pain.

Our philosophy of “trust but verify” is at the heart of our Linx paperless payroll workflow, providing simple auditing of each step of the process.

Client integration is another important concept in the design of our Linx solutions. Linx integrates with accounting on the client’s side and with payroll on our side. The end result is significant time savings, accuracy and quick turnaround of the client’s payroll.

PES provides the highest level of Data Security and assures that our clients own their data by providing them with data archiving solutions. PES does not believe in holding a client hostage by their data, always giving them Freedom of Choice!

  • PES provides our clients with the most accurate State specific tax incentive guidance to assist in analyzing and determining the very best location in which to shoot their project.
  • PES works closely with The Accounting Group (TAG), which is a full service “prep to post” production accounting firm ready and able to take on any job. Whether the job is large or small, TAG stands ready to serve you when needed.